Notify - simple notification system

Thanks i had thought of that before hand. However Starnamics is using an array of Color3’s. tso i reworked it to ignore those if’s, instead if the “Color” value is a table it will use the Array defined in the new instructions(ignoring that old part).

but i still have the old if’s there for backwards compatibility with older versions of NotifyV1
this way errors can be avoided.

if you(or others) want to push changes to the release branch on the github repo you can here:


Hey, sorry for the outdated module haha, made it when I was a much less experienced programmer so by far isn’t the best!

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Why should I use this over the built in SendNotification in StarterGUI?

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Honestly its a good foundation, May be outdated but i already have changes ready for a new look and a rework of how it functions, and i have the repo incase someone wants to make suggestions or smth.

its preference, i mean games with nice Flashy, round GUI’s tend to be more appealing. so Notify(i assume) was a replacement for the built in service, while adding a few features.

And i would recommend “SimplyNotifiedV2” or “SimplyNotifiedV3”.

if you want OLD and simple use the V1 on the repo i provided, however i recommend V2 or V3.