Notify - simple notification system

Notify by simpleSuite

Notify allows you to easily send in-game notifications to players.

Currently, it features the ability to change the color of the notification and the duration of it.

More features will be added soon.

If you locate any bugs, please send me a message.

Get Notify



Once you’ve inserted notify into your game, use the code below in a script:

local notify = require(notify) -- Replace "notify" with the location of the module

player should be a player object I am planning on switching this out later so you just need to type in their username

title should be a string

text should also be a string

color should be one of the following:

  • alert (Red)
  • success (Green)
  • warning (Yellow)
  • info (Blue)
  • default (White)

duration should be a number

Example Usage:

local notify = require(notify)
notify.notify(game.Players.Player1,"Hello","Welcome to my game!","info",3)


I have designed a basic installer that you can use to easily install Notify and other Simple Suite modules.

It has an auto-update feature which will update all installed Simple Suite modules to the latest version when you launch Roblox Studio.


Have an idea for a feature? Leave it below!

You can also report any bugs you discover below and I’ll fix them ASAP

Kind of forgot about this, more updates coming soon!


For color, are you planning to add custom ones? Like maybe for color if it’s not a string, it can check if it’s a color 3 value.

That’d be really cool and have more customizability with it.
Also, it’d be nice to have some form of control over the fonts and such with maybe some extra not required parameters!


Yes, I am planning on making it so players can use custom colors with Color3.

For now, if you want to change the font, open the module script and scroll down to near the bottom where it creates the notification and edit the font in there.

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1.0.1: Bugfix

Fixed a bug where it was not displaying alerts correctly

Reinsert the model into your game to get the latest update

I’ll be making an installer plugin to make it much easier to install and update shortly

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1.0.2: Installer Update

Created an Installer Plugin which allows you to easily install Notify & other Simple Suite Modules

It comes with an auto updater as well so Notify is always up-to-date

Installer is still in beta - expect bugs

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Hello, I like your notification system !
But I have some problems to use the system.
correct me if i’m wrong, but for a LocalPlayer name, it’s : game.Players.LocalPlayer.Name ?

I tried this but its seems its doesn’t work.

Could you give me an example for a LocalPlayer?
Also, can you tell us where to put the ModuleScript please?



I added .Name at the end of the player parameters by mistake, now the player parameter in the .notify is game.Players.LocalPlayer. In normal case, it should works. But I have a error.

I noticed also the ScreenGui simpleSuite isn’t in the PlayerGui but in the StarterGui. I think you made a mistake, you should edit the insertContainer function.


The 1st variable (player) should be a player object (eg: game.Players.Player1)

I recommend using game.Players:FindFirstChild("string") if you wanting to use a string instead of a player object.

simpleSuite is in StarterGui by default so it is inserted into new players PlayerGui.

And the module script should be put in StarterScriptService

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I want to send a notification to the LocalPlayer (me) and not the “Player1” for example.
When I try game.Players.LocalPlayer it returns me an error.
in the source code of your ModuleScript, at line 57, (if i’m not wrong) the script try to find “simpleSuite” in PlayerGui.
The simpleSuite is not in the PlayerGui. Can you check? I’m pretty sure you made a mistake.


This module looks like it’s designed to be ran from the server where the LocalPlayer isn’t present.


So we can’t make usefull notifications.


He didn’t make a mistake. Also, LocalPlayer only works in the client.


Yes we can, the whole point is being able to send notifications from the server. Maybe client functionality would be nice as well.


If you are wanting to send a notification to local player, you can do this using remote events.

In Local Script:

local event = game.ReplicatedStorage.SendNotificationToLocalPlayer

In Server Script:

local event = game.ReplicatedStorage.SendNotificationToLocalPlayer
local notify = require(game.ServerScriptStorage:WaitForChild("notify"))



This should work (haven’t tested it though)


ye I was making an update for my game, thanks btw :smiley:


you should be taking your own advice


I have some appropriate post here:

The module is great, love it! Maybe you can add something like a setting between your notification and Roblox’s?


To use Roblox’s notifications you can just do this:

local NotificationInfo = {Title="Title",Text="Text",Duration=5}

game.StarterGui:SetCore("SendNotification", NotificationInfo)

I recommend reading this so you can view the full capabilities of the SendNotification function


Found a bug:
It errors this:

ReplicatedStorage.notify:57: attempt to index nil with 'WaitForChild
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Recommended Update:

Change this:

selectedColor = colors.default

To this:

--New Color Defined For an Error of the Color3 Received
local colors = {
	NILColor = Color3.fromRGB(79, 79, 79), --New color
	alert = Color3.fromRGB(255, 105, 105),
	success = Color3.fromRGB(105, 255, 105),
	warning = Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 105),
	info = Color3.fromRGB(105, 105, 255),
	default = Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 255)	

--Also replace the Old Selected ColorStuff, i had to make sure the Thing sent is actully a string or Table
			local selectedColor = colors.default
			if type(color)=="string" then
				if string.lower(color) == "alert" or string.lower(color) == "success" or string.lower(color) == "warning" or string.lower(color) == "info" or string.lower(color) == "default" then

					if string.lower(color) == "alert" then
						selectedColor = colors.alert

					if string.lower(color) == "success" then
						selectedColor = colors.success

					if string.lower(color) == "warning" then
						selectedColor = colors.warning
					if string.lower(color) == "info" then
						selectedColor =
					if string.lower(color) == "default" then
						selectedColor = colors.default
					selectedColor = colors.NILColor
			elseif type(color)=="table" then
				--The New DefaultColor System
				if color.R==nil or color.G==nil or color.B==nil then
					selectedColor = colors.NILColor
					selectedColor = Color3.fromRGB(math.clamp(color.R*255,0,255), math.clamp(color.G*255,0,255), math.clamp(color.B*255,0,255))
				selectedColor = colors.NILColor

i also Added Instructions for the new Color3 RGB system to the “Instructions” script:

Current Colors:
	alert - Red
	success - Green
	warning - Yellow
	info - Blue
	default - White
	NILColor - Gray(this color means the custom color sent had an NIL value)
Custom Color System(Added In):
	1: To Display custom colors Just Send this through the regular Color varible, Start with this format:
		local Color = {
			["R"]=255, --Clamped To 0-255
			["G"]=0, --Clamped To 0-255
			["B"]=0, --Clamped To 0-255	
	2: Then Send that into Notify just like before:
	   local notify = require(notify) -- Replace "notify" with the location of the module
	   local color = {["R"]=255, ["G"]=0, ["B"]=0,}

	3: You should Now have custom colors, 
		Side note!!: If it failed, the Notify Popups will use gray(Meaning You Did not send the Format Correctly)
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thats a lot of unnecessary if’s, you could just do

local selectedColor = colors[color:lower()] or colors.NILColor