Notify Users of Forgotten Private Server Renewals

As a Roblox developer, it is frustrating to lose Robux for a Private Server I have forgotten about and am no longer using.

For users that purchase Robux themselves, losing Robux one purchased with their own money to a service they no longer use is detrimental to the Roblox purchase user experience.

Roblox can put a halt to the pain point by alerting users of upcoming forgotten Private Server renewals; or at the least, giving users a better way to manage their Private Server subscriptions.


If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because my account would no longer be charged for a service I have forgotten. Nor would I have to worry about players complaining for being charged.


I 100% support this idea, it’s actually a little bit annoying it haven’t been added yet.

One small improvement would be to send the user an email (if one is linked to their account) to notify them that the private server for that game is going to renewal in X amount of days. (This could also be used to notify that the private server successfully renewed or expired as well)