Notify when an excerpt of your text is quoted

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to track an iteration on a forum reply when an excerpt of my post is quoted, but no reply is made directly to my post or a mention of my username.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because it would be easier to interact with another user when they quote my post without mentioning me directly.

The DevForum has a system like that already. You might have a setting where you get notified when someone quotes an excerpt of your post off.

It may be that this is not working in some cases. In the example below, a user replied to another user, and mixed a quote from this user and two quotes from another post of mine.
In this case, I did not receive notification.

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It might because they replied first, then quoted your post after a subsequent edit.

I just edited my post to include this quote, see if this gives you a quote notification:

Not by your quote, but by your reply:


Please try to quote without reply directly to my user.

(Quoting rogeriodec_games)

… the notification now came because I’m OP:

I’m going to make a post simulating the previous problem, that is, I’m going to make a multiple quotes in a sigle post without a direct reply.
@HugeCoolboy2007 @VegetationBush Please you tell me if a specific quote notification arrived for you due to my next post:


@jumpcats1234 is the user I’m directly replying in this post.

The two other below should receive a “quote” notification:

Please let me know.

I received a quote notification:

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Thanks for the confirmation.
Well, then it must have been a momentary glitch that I didn’t get this quote notification I mentioned at the beginning.
I will mark this topic as resolved.

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I did not receive a quote notification:

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