Notifyy | A clean, and basic notification system with many different features!

Notifyy / a clean and basic notification system with many different features!

How does it work and how do I use it?

Alright, then how does this work and how do I use it?

This project can be complicated to use, but dont worry, that’s why I made everything completely user friendly. Here is a picture of the explorer and how you can utilize it.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 213506

The circled module script within this picture is the service which is used to create the modules. For the complicated way to make a notification within this project, you can require this module and call the function “CreateNotification(Text, Theme)”
You may be wondering about the ‘theme’ argument, I’ll explain that later.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 213951
But at the same time, we knew that method would get annoying, so we added a module to make it easier within ReplicatedStorage. To get the service far within StarterGui, you can just call the function “GetNotificationService()”

What does this feature and why should I use this?

What does this feature?

You could set custom notification themes, and you can put literally any text within the notification input. You can require any services or modules within this project at any time, and you can display more then 12 notifications at once. This project includes so much Tweenservice to make everything look smooth, and you can set custom notification durations within Replicated Storage. There is so many more features coming to this project, but this is only the Alpha version. I appreciate anyone who tries out this project.

Wait, how do I set a theme and how customizable is it?

A theme requires so many elements, and if you want to set one, there is a few things you must do.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 215614
First of all, you must add a configuration object to your frame or label. From there add two Color3 Values along with one bool value, one number value, and one string value.

Before I show you the example, I should probably show you the theme module script. The theme module script includes different themes with different colors and values. Here is the default one:

Each Theme Bracket includes a different Stage Value, which can be used to indicate the type of theme. Core scripts use this number so they can find the correct theme table within the module script. This is why it is important. Everything else you will probably understand. Feel free to ask questions if you are concerned or if you dont understand. Otherwise, here is the example:

-- Example


Name: BgColor
IsA: Color3 Value
Value: The Background of your notification

Name: ElementStage
IsA: NumberValue
Value: The number that indicates where the theme table is.

Name: IsAElement
IsA: BoolValue
Value: If this will be scanned by the scripts or if it will be completely untouched.

Name: TextColor
IsA: Color3 Value
Value: If the element is a label, this will be scanned and it will change the text color to this value.

Name: Type
IsA: String Value
Value: If it is a frame, put Frame here. If it is a Textlabel, put "Label" (Correct Caps Needed)


From there the script will automatically handle everything else. Hope you understand. If you are convinced you still dont understand, feel free to ask a question.

I hope you use this. If you have questions feel free to ask. Feedback is also appreciated for future updates or bug fixes.

Patch Notes

Alpha Release

We have released the project to the public! Any feedback is appreciated!


Made by Sea_KidTwelve / GriffeyIsCool
to anyone who used the previous link, that version was broken. Sorry about that! (x4)


I would add screenshots from the system, it will help a lot

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Will do! Wait some time and i’ll manage to insert them for you.

Thanks, I am looking for a new notification system for my game, but honestly can’t be bothered to find the images myself

Added! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

seems, great maybe a bit bare-bones though

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Alright! I’m always working on things so I’m just trying to make this system the best for you guys.

add customizable notification icons maybe?

Will do! Been working on that actually. It should come out pretty soon.

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sickk! looks great so far


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i feel like if there’s no actual way getting the model, you should put a noticeable warning at the top of the post letting devs know that they can’t actually access this…

You can access the model by the link at the bottom of the post.

I could’ve sworn it said I didn’t have permission to view it before :flushed:

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Weird. Well you sure can. Maybe Roblox was down or something.