Nottinghamshire V3 | RP Guidelines

Nottinghamshire V3 | Roleplay Guidelines

We’re a roleplay game based in Nottinghamshire, England. Below are our guidelines to roleplays which must be followed by citizens and all other services where applicable.


:red_circle: Permanent Ban; you will be banned from the game without the option to appeal for 7 days.
:orange_circle: Server Ban; you will be banned from the ongoing SSU without the option to appeal.
:yellow_circle: Warning; you will be given a formal warning which can turn into a ban if continued.
:green_circle: No punishment unless severe, still be cautious.

All punishment actions are dependant on severity and your past moderation actions.

Generic Rules:

1: Failing to Roleplay (FRP)

  • :yellow_circle:/:orange_circle: You must roleplay all actions you commit. For example, do not continue to run away if an office has pinned you down. This is not the only example for FRP.
  • :yellow_circle:/:orange_circle: All actions must be within roleplay and realistic. For example, if you crash your car several times going at a high speed during a pursuit and continue driving, this isn’t realistic.

2: Roleplay Content

  • :red_circle: Any roleplays not in accordance with Roblox’s Terms of Service are not permitted to take place under any circumstances.
  • :green_circle:/:yellow_circle: Use your common sense when forming a roleplay - for example, if there are no ambulance service members on, do not start a stabbing roleplay.
  • :yellow_circle:/:orange_circle: Do not stretch out team resources by spamming the call feature or constantly moving locations causing chaos as this causes problems.

3: Unprovoked Actions

  • :yellow_circle:/:orange_circle: Do not unnecessarily attack others without roleplay context, for example entering an ongoing scene with a knife and attacking everyone as this would be deemed FRP.
  • :yellow_circle:/:orange_circle: No ‘cop baiting’ or provoking officers. For example, driving around like a fool trying to get the attention of police with no purpose or without an RP context.
  • :yellow_circle:/:orange_circle: Irresponsible driving such as ramming into objects, people, or other vehicles without properly roleplaying these actions is deemed FRP.

4: Avoidance

  • :orange_circle:/ :red_circle: Do not avoid arrest by leaving/rejoining, changing teams, resetting, or any other measure that prevents officers from being able to put you into jail once caught or in persuit.
  • :red_circle: Do not use an alternate account to avoid punishments given to you. Doing so will increase the level of punishment given to you on your main, alt, and possibly future accounts depending on severity.
  • :red_circle: Using game glitches or software such as autoclickers to gain an advantage or cause disruption is not permitted whatsoever. Exploits of any kind are not permitted.


How do I appeal my permanent ban or a warning?

  • There are several ways of contacting us, these include:
    – Via email at
    – Via our Discord server linked on our Roblox group. DM the ‘Billow Productions’ bot.
    – If not banned, by using the !help request in-game for assistance with the issue.

Appeals can be rejected without a reason being provided. It must have been at least 7 days from the issue of the punishment before you’re eligible for appeal unless we can see a moderation flaw in it from our perspective.

Last Updated: 11th June, 2024
  • Rules created by xL_iamm & Zivao
  • Officially enforced by Nottinghamshire Administrators