Nova Scotia Transit Network - Announcement!


The Nova Scotia Transit Network Is Here!

Hello everyone, our team is very pleased to announce and introduce the future of Ro-Transit.

Welcome to the Nova Scotia Transit Network!

We have taken our previous fundamentals knowledge and experience in operating and maintaining a Roblox Transit experience, to bring you the next generation of Roblox Transit.

Take a moment to picture this…
A Network run and managed with a firm grip on activity, professionalism, productivity, and organization. Whilst creating MORE Jobs, MORE Opportunities,
More Content, and games for the Roblox Transit community we have built.

Then picture a structure being demolished and thrown away.
That’s right! We are completely changing how our staffing departments are structured, our rules and guidelines, and how we moderate, and engage with our community!

Additionally with this change, we will gradually introduce 2 new transit authorities in the form of Bus Simulators.
This includes Transit Cape Breton & King’s Transit Authority both located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our structure allows for our staff team to manage and oversee all of these Simulators while being trained and educated on the core values of just the Nova Scotia Transit Network. Meaning all staff will be hired to the Network and undergo informative training and learning processes that will be used in all of our games under the NSTN.

The Nova Scotia Transit Network has big plans for advancing all of our Transit Authorities with the best Technology, to improve the experience of everyone! Passengers, Drivers, and Staff members!

We have taken everyones feedback and deliberated and discussed how we can improve for you.
We have come to the conclusion that NSTN is the best solution for the future of Halifax Transit.
As well as the Beginning of King’s Transit Authority, & Transit Cape Breton.

We have plans of bringing you updated and reliable fleet, including but not limited too:

  • 30 Foot Buses
  • 40 Foot Buses
  • 60 Foot Buses
  • Ferry services ( Halifax Transit )

We also have plans and are actively working on updating all of our games, and creating a completely realistic and properly mapped game for all of these Transit Authorities!

Our Goal is to provide our players and community with the best possible experience and too go beyond the current expectations of Ro-Transit communities.
This means, we will not stop until we have delivered the unexpected, the best, and the most enjoyable experience for everyone!

That is our commitment to you! As our loyal fans and players some as early as 2019! and some from beyond that. We appreciate everyone who has joined our community and supported us while we embark on this journey and improve, revamp, and leave a big mark in the history of Roblox Transit.