Nova Security Hierarchy

This is for Nova Security to show the authorities. 1 being the highest authority.

1 Head of Security
2 Executives (EX)
3 High Rank (HR)
4 TA (in trainings)
5 Primary Security
6 Recruit Security

Recruit Security and Trained Security have the same authority level. Primary Security have more authority over them. Although, if someone is being abused they need to report it to a HR.

TA (or Trainer Assistant(s)) have more authority to tell poeple to line up when they need to, or to do a SFL.

HR have more authority over TA since they are giving a training or just being at the training facility.

Executives(EX) have more authority over HR since they have the power to hand-pick Maximum Security to rank up to Recruitment Managers.

Recruitment Managers have no authority though, since they are not a HR.

The Owner has more authority because of obvious reasons.

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