Nova Security [NS] Promotion System

Nova Security: Promotion System

- - - Low Ranks [LR] - - -

15 Ticks = Trained Security

30 Ticks = Secondary Security

50 Ticks = Primary Security

70 Ticks = Elite Security

- - - Middle Ranks [MR] - - -

100 Ticks = Officers

150 Ticks = Primary Officers

250 Ticks = Elite Officers

350 Ticks = Maximum Security

⚬ To receive ticks, you need to join trainings or patrols when they are hosted by our Security Trainers. If you win or perform well during them, you will receive ticks.

⚬ Breaking rules, messing around, and showing disrespect within trainings and patrols can and will make you lose Ticks and possibly a rank demotion.

⚬ If you reach Maximum Security and wish to proceed beyond that and possibly become an HR for Nova Security. Then click the link below, and it will lead you on your steps into becoming an Elite Trooper and possible Security Trainer.
NSET Handbook: Nova Security Elite Trooper Handbook

⚬ Please do not hint or beg for promotions past Maximum Security or Elite Trooper, as it will ruin your chances completely.