NoVelle Cafe - Handbook

:wave: Welcome to NoVelle Cafe!

:construction:Remember, this game is still under heavy development.:construction:
–This handbook may be subject to lots of changes–

:newspaper: Some info about NoVelle:

Q: What is NoVelle Cafe?
A: NoVelle cafe is a Roblox roleplaying game

Q: How does it work?
A: In this game, you can be a barista (serve the customers) or you can be a customer (orders items)

Q: How can I be barista?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have a training center or an application center. You may have to wait for further updates.

:eye_in_speech_bubble: Basic info:

Rules in the cafe

1. Exploiting is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
2. Trolling will result in a sanction based on the severity.
3. Bypassing the chat is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
4. Flooding or spamming the chat is forbidden.
5. Treat people with respect.
6. Hate speech will result in a permanent ban.
7. Sharing information or talking about sensitive informations or personal informations will not be tolerated.
8. You may not advertise in the game.
9. Use common sense.
10. Follow Roblox’s TOS

Recipe guide


tip: Any coffe may come with sugar or cream.
Regular: Regular machine
Decaf: Decaf machine
Esspresso: Espresso machine

Hot beverages

Hot milk: Milk + Microwave
Tea: Water + Microwave + Tea
Hot chocolate: Milk + Microwave + Cacao/Chocolate (Can add cream)

Ice creams

Strawberry Ice Cream: Ice cream cone + Strawberry ice cream
Vanilla Ice Cream: Ice cream cone + Vanilla ice cream

:construction:More to come soon!:construction:

Ranks description

Low Ranks (LR)

Customer: Customers are players who may order food or beverages from the cafe.

Premium Customer: Premium customers are members of the NoVelle Cafe group. They have the same privileges as regular customers.

Trainee: You obtain the trainee rank after passing the application center.

Junior Barista: Junior Baristas serve the customers. You may obtain this role after passing your first training.

Barista: Baristas are the same as Junior Baristas, but they have attended two trainings in total.

Experienced Barista: Experienced Baristas are the same as Baristas, but they have attended three trainings in total.

Medium Ranks (MR)

Employee Assistant: This role is obtained after being recognized by HR as an experienced barista. At this point, you gain moderator privileges.

Supervisor: Supervisors are former Employee Assistants who have been recognized by HR. They may also attend training sessions.

High Ranks (HR)

Chief Staff: Chief Staff are supervisors recognized by one of the presidents after working hard. They have full administrative control over the game and may demote or promote MRs.

Chief Operating Officer: Chief Operating Officers hold the last moderator role. Similar to Chief Staff, they may demote or promote MRs and have full administrative control.

Developer: This role is obtained by working on NoVelle Cafe’s future updates.

President: Founders of NoVelle Cafe.

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