November 10, 2023 Off-roading epic changelog

New vehicles


  • Added warning lights to oversized load semi
  • Added “who can pickup my hay” setting
  • Added one new code: 100k votes
  • Map updates
  • Updated trailer menu
  • Updated icon on one vehicle
  • “Classic Cars” and “Melaren Pack” game-passes are now off sale

:ant: Bug fixes and improvements :bug:

  • Fixed where vehicles would slide away when exiting
  • Fixed seat animations on three vehicles
  • Fixed “trailers” button in the vehicle menu not working
  • Fixed where hay would despawn when getting too far away
  • Fixed where hay would glow in the dark
  • Fixed where you couldn’t scroll in the teleports menu using a controller
  • Improved fly wheels on steam tractors
  • Map fixes
  • UI fixes

Update credits


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