[NOW HIRING] Developers needed

Hello! I am George, I am currently working on a story game and have made lot’s of progress with scripting so far, but now need some more people to help with the production!

I am currently looking for 1 builder 1 scripter to work on a team with me and work on a project. I am offering 50/50 of all profits made, it has a group linked to it called Golden Studios.

If you want to see where development is currently at for the game, and if you want to join the project… DM me on discord - hireimgeorge#4510



If you’re looking for someone to sign on to a project please provide more information on what they will be doing.


  • What each role will be expected to do
  • What the game is expected to make via income
  • If there’s any backup payment incase of the game failing
  • What the game is about
  • Time frame expected for development
  • Expected release date
  • If this is a contracted or permanent job position

Those are just some examples of what should be answered in order to get people interested.

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I would like to do the scripting job maybe. If you can provide more details and examples, I can decide…

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