[NOW HIRING] Experienced Scripters / Builders / Animators / Modelers / UI Designers for full-time work (USD) - MELON

Depending on the project, we have annual agreements with some clients that would result in month to month payments – so partially yes to being salaried? Not out of the gate, but it really depends on what you’re working on.

For your second question - that’s mostly right. We assign a team to a project based on skillset required - and use your asking price as a determination. Gives team members the flexibility to make what they’re worth while also ensuring consistent, expected payments. :slight_smile:

I am interested in applying for the position of 3D Modeller / Builder.

I have 10 years of experience in original studio building, and so know all render engine tricks & 3 years in Modelling. They go hand-in-hand, and I can even say I also am really well acquainted with the Adobe Suite.

I’m looking to apply for the modeler position! My work is all on my twitter, here is my Discord if you have any questions: AlteredIndex#6392

I am interested in a Builder position at your company. I have reached out to you on Twitter, as well as sent a friend request on discord. My username and tag is kirb.is.awesome#3754. I am patiently awaiting your reply. Maybe we could work something out.

Stay safe,

Hello! I’m Sinox, I am very interested in this request and would love to apply! I have experience working on Front Page games, and also with tax forms etc from past jobs. Here is my past work: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder

My discord is Sinox#5016.

So what exactly would you expect us to know and what would you like us to do for you now and for the future?

I am interested in applying to be a UI Designer!

Hi there! I’m interested in applying for the modeler position! I’m accustomed in working in professional environments and my communication skills are on point! Here is my portfolio: (M0XTz - [CLOSED] 3D Model Digital Inquiries/Portfolio)

I’ve sent a friend request on Discord as he does not accept DMs from randoms. In case you don’t see that, I’ve attached my portfolio on this post, and in your twitter DMs. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Very Interested! My discord is DevFrags#2441

Here’s my portfolio!


Hey, I am interested in becoming a game designer! Here is my portfolio: [CLOSED] NabeelPlays' Portfolio

Very interested in this job and working with you guys!

This is my UI portfolio: PappyFrost | User Interface Designer For Hire!

Disc: Pappy#3521

How much are you required to work daily?

Highly interested and looking forward to working with you guys!

Portfolio: SHORT/LONG TERM || Advanced Programmer - #3 by cakehunterman

Discord: Cakeyy#2977

Hi, I’m interested in applying for the modeler/builder position.
Here’s my Portfolio

Heya I would to apply for the builder position my discord is A1.2trappy#4996 I’ll send examples there

Hey guys,

My name is Truth or Mikhael, I am the senior digital experience developer at Melon Development. We are super excited about bringing new talent onto the team (and still looking). Please be patient while our recruitment manager goes through all your exciting applications! Do make sure to have a solid portfolio ready if you are to contact Joe!

If you have any questions/regards/comments, please message me privately as well so I can help ease the load off for Joe answering questions.

All the best!

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Melon Development lets it’s developers manage their own workload. It’s customary to work within the client’s deadlines and provide check ups within. Clients regularly commission long-term projects to Melon Development and therefore hours may be different in regards to how much work is to be made daily.

Hopefully that answers your question!

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