Now that a lot of people are making hats, could we get a good texturing tutorial?

I absolutely love the hats that are currently being made on the UGC catalog, and even though I (and most of us) currently can’t make hats, I would love to practice texturing. I’ve already done a lot of 3D modeling, but texturing is something that I haven’t seen any good tutorials on. If anyone who has made stylized textures (as seen on the UGC catalog) has one/has found one, or is willing to make one, or even just give a few tips, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks again!


There are plenty of texturing tutorials online for whatever software you use, and considering stylized textures aren’t a Roblox-specific thing, it just means you’ll have to google the software you use + “texture tutorial” and it’ll almost always give you a place to start.

I typically recommend The Blender Guru’s tutorials because of how well they’re made and cover the important stuff.


I have come across these and, while some were ok, most skipped the art part of it and focused on the unwrapping and/or focused mainly on applying realistic, pre-made textures. I was more interested in getting some tips from people who have hand-painted textures for such UGC hats, or just hand-painted textures for meshes in general, for example, tips on shading.

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One of my main specialties is texture painting. Most of the work I do is hand painting models. I get what you mean when you say a lot of the YouTube tutorials focus a lot more on the unwrapping. However, unwrapping tutorials (especially the one dealing with unwrapping manually) aren’t that helpful when it comes to hand painting.

When your hand painting a lot of what you’re doing is coloring directly on top of the model. The only time I focus on the UV map is when I’m trying to get certain details onto certain parts of the model. But even then you don’t need to do it manually with seams and etc.

One tutorial on YouTube I do recommend if you want to get into hand painting on blender is this one.

Where it focuses more on the actual painting of a model.