NPC Bubble Chat Broken

Hi there,

I have a script which creates those fake bubble chat things above peoples heads,

They look like this:


The script was working just fine and I hadn’t edited the game for 2 weeks, until all of a sudden it just stopped working.

(Notice: I couldn’t of possibly broken it myself since I hadn’t edited the game (no one else has access) and it broke in the middle of it.)

It was working just fine just yesterday, until it suddenly stopped working.

There is just one client error

It looks like this:

It repeats this error every single time the script tries to create a new bubble chat.

How do I fix this and what even broke it in the first place?

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I would try adding some WaitForChilds, maybe that would fix it?

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I’ve just realised, this is a Roblox script which is broken. Not mine.