NPC Default Walk Animation

Hello everyone,

I have a simple questions about NPCs.

I inserted a NPC using the rig builder plugin in studio, I made a script where I make the NPC move to certain parts using the MoveTo() command. But, whenever it moves there is no walking animation and I tried inserting animation scripts but nothing worked. I want it so when my NPC moves the default walking animation plays.

I need help with this, are there any specific settings or scripts I need to enable to make it do that?

Thanks in advance!


So your saying you put the animation in the NPC and it is not working. Did you try to play the animation?

I tried putting default animation scripts inside the NPC but it didn’t do anything.

The “NPCs” the rigbuilder creates are for the built in animation editor plugin to use to create animations, not to be used as in game character models. These NPCs lack many base Roblox framework scripts and objects, and don’t work well as rigs.

A much better way to get working NPC rigs would be to actually go in play testing and copy over your character (its advised not to move from the spawn point so your character has the default rotation), then pasting it in the actual studio Workspace and using the lock tool to unlock it so you can drag it.

The reason the walking animations likely didn’t work was because default Roblox animation scripts are local scripts built for being used in actual player characters and clients, and only run when being a descendant of a player object or a character. You can fix this by simply copying over the code and children of an animate local script into a server script and name it accordingly.
If using the actual Roblox animate script, you’ll have to remove this entire function as it’s meant for user based chat emotes.

Other than that, you should be good to go.