NPC doesn't wear the clothing

I added clothing, added humanoid and even added HumanoidDescription but it still doesn’t work. I searched everywhere, copied an original NPC but I really couldn’t find what’s wrong.



Did you notice that the script was disabled? Hope this was helpful

HumanoidDescription isn’t a script, and it isn’t disabled.

Both R6 and R15 worked, maybe its due to the fact that you have putten 2 shirts/2 pants in the npc?


Wait, thats 4 days old, why did you make me come here…

What do you mean?

Did you add them to HumanoidDescription or added a Shirt instance?

Sorry for being late, but no, i just

When i said this, i were talking with JustinOverload, because he answered the topic, and made it go to the latest topic’s list.

If you’re still having problems with this, just import an avatar using a plugin.

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It is already solved with this, I’m just trying to learn why it stuck.