NPC Humanoids Not Loading Properly For Other Players - Fine For Creator

Hi all! So, I’ve been having a very strange issue recently that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and am wondering how I can go about fixing it. This issue went undetected for quite some time because I have never seen the issue myself; only my players have, and I didn’t believe them at first, then resorted to assuming they just weren’t loading in properly. Apparently however, it is a very common issue among my players. The issue persists with NPC Humanoid characters, of any and all kinds.

What I see:

What they see:

Has anyone else ever had this happen before; and would you know how to fix this? The NPC humanoid animations don’t load either for the players when this happens.

I believe this is a Roblox bug, however I unfortunately have no way to add it to the bug tracker.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I have experienced this issue as well. It usually happens in clothing stores for me but i think it just depends on wifi/your pc. My theory is that these npcs load slower or after a map, like meshparts so that might cause it to bug.

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I thought that could be a possibility, and maybe it is; however, NPCs load perfectly on other maps on my alternate account on my phone (one account that won’t load NPCs on my game) and those maps are just as large as mine.