NPC Image is not clear. (Help Needed)

Hello Everyone.

I have a simple problem, I have an Image label in my game. It’s similar to the ones in story games. For some weird reason, my Image label is not clear and I can’t change the background of the image!

The image above is from my game, the background of the Image is grayish and that is because I put the NPC in front of a gray wall and took a screenshot.


But, this image is from a different game. As you can see the background is clear and it blends in with the normal back color. It’s also clear.

  1. How do I make my Image more clear?
  2. How do I make my image background transparent?

I just started coding and if I might sound dumb, please mind me.

Thanks in Advance,

I would get rid of the grey background when you took the screenshot. You can use Photoshop or even Paint3d to do this. Make sure to make your image a png file too, so there is no background.


Hmm, if you’re not using a png or bmp file for your image, you will run into issues (I’m not sure if bitmap works, so stick with png). I know that if you render in Blender that the image will automatically have a background if you use the default render settings. Either way, you need to have an image with a transparent background. If you are using Blender, take a look at this post. I’ve provided the useful snippet.

Hope that fixes it.

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The image not being clear is probably due to ROBLOX’s image scaling. Just make it a little smaller and a perfect square shape. Also, to make your background transparent you need to export your rendered image with alpha channel if you use Cinema4D. I don’t know how to do it in blender but it should be the same concept.

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My laptop cannot handle blender or any big programs alike. Any other suggestions?

You can always use paint and erase the gray part then save the file as .png

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That doesn’t make it transparent though, it just gives it a white background.

Did you save the file as png? (30)

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Honestly if you make a green screen in studio, set the lighting up correctly, AND increase studio resolution under advanced settings, you can convincingly select and key out the green in screenshots.

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Yeah I did. It’s a white background.

Did you use the eraser to erase the background?

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Yeah, I did erase everything.

Then you have to save a new file with what you edited in a png file.

Bro I did all that it doesn’t give me a transparent background.

Ok then just change the background color to the same color of the GUI in your game.

I can’t change the back the background I took a screenshot of the Npc with a wall behind it.

If you’re talking about changing the wall’s color to the GUI color, I already tried that the game lighting messes up the color so there is a difference.

Ok so I figured it out guys, I used > magic wand and selected the background and deleted it and it worked!