NPC not getting damaged after shot

Hey! I’m working on untitled sniping game and it’s almost finished! But theres a problem with sniping, I’m using sniper rifle that was created by “Roblox” and when I shoot NPC he doesn’t take any damage! What do I do??


(NPCs wont get damaged)

Is there even a damage script in the sniper?

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In HitDamage value 100 damage but not working. About script I don’t know welp.

Paste the damage script here, or we can’t help you. Thanks.

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Okay, I will try to make then.

Even if you changed the HitDamage but the script’s not working properly or maybe there’s not even a script, it won’t do anything. Even a small step like buying something from the shop takes a lot of scripting to be done.

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