NPC rootpart help

Hey developers, i recently made a dragon AI of some sort. I had it all rigged amd coded. the root part was called “RootPart” Rather that humanoidrootpart. After i changed the name to HumanoidRootPart, everythign started behaving differently, such as the torso not moving in animations and such. Any idea on why and any fixes? all anims should be the highest priority (action) Should the root be anchored too cause, well it is.


One thing that comes to mind since you made those animations and stuff with the part name RootPart, when you changed it to HumanoidRootPart it messed those animations up because now it can’t find a RootPart. Only fix is to change it back to RootPart or change all of your animations and scripts.

The script can’t find a root part, called “HumanoidRootPart” because it tries to find a root part called “RootPart”. You can use Character.PrimaryPart in the script to prevent confusion and to fix this.

You will now have to rework animations and scripts in order for it to work again. So it is much easier to just switch back to RootPart.

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