NPC, Spawning npcs of specific people

SO, I had this really fun idea but I have no idea on how to pull it off

The image above is a prototype.
This game is specifically about accepting or declining ban requests right, and for that I want it to be like an npc walks out that door with the banned players appearance & start talking about their reasoning for unbanning. This info will be given through an application of course.

What I need help with, is finding out how to make and generate npcs with animations in them, to walk in and out of this scene.

If u didn’t understand that, basically how do I make it so npcs with the outfit of the person who is banned walk out that door. Getting the ID & player name is no problem btw.

There are a couple asynchronous methods of the Players service that retrieve information about character appearance according to a user ID. Your best bet is probably fetching all assets a player is wearing with GetCharacterAppearanceAsync(), then adorning every asset from the result into a humanoid capable of animation. You can manually open the door leading to the room and use MoveTo() on the humanoids to cause the NPCs to walk.

Hi there,

This is what you want correct?

I’ve created a template place that has the necessary script templates you would need to make this happen. Good luck.

createNPCFromCharacterAndWalk.rbxl (27.1 KB)