NPC with Pathfinding service gets hung up on terrain

I’m having a problem with an NPC using Roblox’s built-in Pathfinding service. The problem is that the NPC is getting hung up on the terrain. Especially when the terrain is rough, like the fractal rock texture, or when textures change. I have tried to smooth out the terrain to no avail. Everything works otherwise. Any ideas on how to correct this issue?

Did you try making the NPC jump if something is on the way? or raycasting.

The NPC should be able to transverse the terrain. I am not getting any notifications that the path is blocked. I do have pathfinding links to specify custom actions for ladders and such when the NPC encounters them so the NPC can climb up them. In the waypoint action, if jump is encountered, I am making the NPC jump.

Can you send a video of what’s happening? Maybe a repro place file?

If nothing else works, as a last resort, I would suggest making invisible parts on the terrain that act as a guide for the NPC to traverse the terrain.

Yeah. But looking at the server log, I’m seeing this error:

exception while signaling: Must be a LuaSourceContainer

It’s not giving me any more information. No line numbers or anything. I’m also getting a no path indicator too when this comes out, even though there shouldn’t be anything blocking the NPC’s path. I made a video. I’ll post the link in a bit.

Here’s the video link.

Give it a few minutes. It’s in the processing queue.

Have you tried enabling FILE>Studio Settings>Studio>Show Navigation Mesh?

Also, I recommend you use SimplePath for continuous pathfinding, it handles regenerating paths very well.

I’ll check out SimplePath. But when I look at the navigation mesh, I don’t know what all the different colors mean.

I have pink, then I have grey, and there’s other colors.

The colors don’t matter, they are just indicating the material.

Try looking at where the NPC stops following you, maybe that’ll give a clue as to what’s happening? Are you also giving custom agent settings?

No. I am using the default agent parameters. Looking at the waypoint data, it looks like it’s setting the path along the side of the tunnel up along the wall instead of down the middle where it’s flat. I’m not sure why.

Also, there’s something else that I noticed. There’s more than one tunnel that leads into that underground area. Another tunnel leads up to a castle. The NPC has no problems traversing that tunnel. I made that tunnel with a different tool though. I wonder if that has something to do with it.