NPCs displayed on ViewPort have different skin/hair colors than their ingame models

Hello! I’m trying to implement a ViewPort on my game’s dialogue GUI to display the NPC’s face while you talk to them, however while being displayed, the NPC’s hair and face colors dont display properly, usually being melded in a different skin color

I’ve implemented a WorldModel to try and fix the issue, but it didnt seem to change anything related to that.

Below is the code snippet related to the ViewPort itself

local gui = player.PlayerGui:WaitForChild("DialogueGUI")
local npc = script.Parent.Parent

local viewport = gui.Frame:WaitForChild("Viewport")
	local worldmodel ="WorldModel")
	local newCamera ="Camera")

	viewport.CurrentCamera = newCamera
	local clonedChar
	if clonedChar then clonedChar:Destroy() end
	clonedChar = npc:Clone()
	clonedChar.Parent = worldmodel
	newCamera.Parent = viewport
	worldmodel.Parent = viewport

	local head = clonedChar:WaitForChild("Head")

	newCamera.CFrame = + (head.CFrame.LookVector*2) , head.Position) 
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I figured out the issue, the NPC has a script responsible for loading in its appearance, when the NPC was cloned to the worldmodel that same script was running again and creating a new appearance conflicting with the 1st, i just had to disable that script after cloning the NPC