NPC's won't work?

I have this game with over 200 R6 NPC’s and for some reason, a lot of those NPC’s in-game don’t sit even though they are positioned above the seats.

And the few NPC’s that DO actually work/sit, they don’t have a sitting animation for some reason? Their legs just go through the chair.

I’m not sure why this is happening although I can sit on those seats normally (I am in R6 too) and it does play the sitting animation.

How can I fix this please?

local RigModel =  -- your npc
local sitAnim = RigModel:WaitForChild("Animate"):WaitForChild("sit"):WaitForChild("SitAnim") -- Sit animation inside the rig
RigModel:WaitForChild("Humanoid"):WaitForChild("Animator"):LoadAnimation(sitAnim):Play() -- play anim
workspace:WaitForChild("Seat"):Sit(RigModel:WaitForChild("Humanoid")) -- sit the rig on a seat instance
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Apologies for the question, but where do I place this?

Also since there are about 300 NPC’s inside 1 folder, is it possible to do 1 script for all NPC’s so that I don’t need to do a script for each NPC?