Nuclear Explosion

I’m not too big in the art department as I am a software engineer. But, in building my game, I implemented a tactical nuclear weapon. Below are two videos showing the entire detonation sequence from both the local server and the player’s viewpoint. Sound effects are included. I have not yet added the kill code or the blast code yet. So right now, it’s just the effect.

Nuclear Blast, Server

Nuclear Blast, Player

Comments? Suggestions?


The explosion after the hit seems a little bit fake
The rings might need some modifications

Thats all from me today


The entire explosion sequence is made in two parts.

Part 1: The very bright orb that shrinks after the hit is a sphere that’s using neon material and colored white (#FFFFFF). The black sphere is black (#000000) and I’m reducing the transparency as it shrinks. Also, during this part, I have a point light (also white #FFFFFF) that starts from 0 brightness and 0 range and increases to maximum values of 40 and 60 respectively. This is all done within a single for loop.

Part 2: The expanding fireball is also a sphere of neon material of a yellow color that starts out with a transparency of 0 and gradually increases to 1. The same thing with the rings, which are SpecialMesh parts. This part is also done with a single for loop. The different rates of expansion are accomplished by using a multiplier on the for loop count variable for the vectors.

When I do the kill code, anything caught inside the fireball will be vaporized, as in a real nuke. The best that I can do with this effect is to kill the player, and then blast the parts with a large force. I’ve done this already with a rocket launcher.

I agree it does seem a bit fake, but what can I do? The explosion effect isn’t big enough for my purposes, and this code runs on the server so I have to consider performance as well. I’ve watched quite a few YouTube videos on nuclear detonations to try and duplicate some of the effects. The big iridescent mushroom cloud is out of the question I think.

As for the rings, what would you suggest? I look at them and they seem a bit thick for the shockwave and blastwave, so should I find a thinner torus?



This is good but you could do a concussion effect like make the whole screen white by tweening. The particles are great im able to see a bitvlag but im not sure if its the lag or recorder.


I noticed the lag in the video, but it’s not really happening on the local server. The real test will be on the test server. FYI, I’m not using particles for this. This is all basic shapes, meshes, and lighting sources.

Hmm… Making the screen turn white is a good idea. I was looking for a way to create a blinding flash effect similar to a real nuclear explosion.

It looks great, but there’s no massive mushroom cloud like with most nukes. See picture.

You’ve got to get all that smoke in there.

I agree with the smoke but since it’s a rocket gun which shoots Nukes i would think that the scale of the explosion should be less yet devastating

Yo firstly, you gotta make it so the nuke does NOT run on server, via remote events, you can instruct all the crients to run it on their side, communication between the two is key. Secondly its missing a mushroom cloud as others have stated, more effects can be made by using the particle emmiters and custom textures to create smoke, anyways, glgf ;D


That part I tend to agree. Most of the effects can be ran on the client, but the kill sphere and the expanding fireball must be on the server for killing players and blowing things apart.

I’ve made some improvements to it. Here’s a couple of videos. The first one is a low parts count building which basically just evaporates. The second video is an extremely high parts count building which really bogs the server down, but you get to see the full explosion in slow motion.

Low parts count nuclear explosion

High parts count nuclear explosion