[Null Admin] Welcome screen!

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Still dont know what to put for the final box

Originally thought of having the explorer and properties for the side. But that might be a bit complex for the scripter. So instead it’ll just show everything in the game from the explorer

And I also need permission from Elttob if I’m going to be using the explorer icons.

After this I’ll start making the search or the local player commands


That is very very clean. I only like the middle though not the sides. Will this be a free model in the future?


wow. Very Clean. Kind of want to know what the side button shows


Although the UI is absolutely amazing, I have a few concerns about the functionality of this admin panel. If a client is allowed access to the contents of ServerScriptService/ServerStorage, then it defeats the whole purpose of running code on the server.


@Elttob’s Vanilla icons are licensed in a way that you can use them as long as you don’t make Robux off of them & give credit to him.



@Madden21fan @AlreadyPro
I was thinking of making this purchasable for about 50-250 robux

But I obv cant do that because of the license(Yes I did read it). I dmed him asking if we could make work something out.

Maybe I should remove instead :joy:


Could you explain more on it?
I’m a bit confused on what you mean :thinking:

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When an exploiter decides to exploit, they execute malicious code on their specific client. That mean whatever they do only shows for them. However, if you give them server access, they can do anything to anyone. Anything executed on the server is replicated, or shown, to every client, or player, in the game.

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Not exactly. Remotes can be secured to where only a certain list of users can access different aspects of the admin panel by user id or group role.

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True, but if the remotes are not secure, then exploiters can potentially give themselves the admin panel features.

It’s pretty obvious that someone making an admin panel already has this in mind…

It’s as simple as

local admins = {1, 24243319}

AdminEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, ...)
    if not table.find(admins, player.UserId) then return end

Exactly. My original point was to make the panel secure, although it was not too clear.

is there a way to collapse the workspace lol?

Yea I’ll have all those buttons and things.lol
It’s still in prototype phase

What’s your method of getting the player count?

Wow this is very well made. Will you ever release it for others or is it just for yourself?

even though this isnt scripting support, it’s as simple as:

PlayerCountText = (#game.Players:GetChildren())

Assuming that you have it looped or are updating it with a playeradded event.

That’s the number of players in a single server not the total player count across all games like she has it.

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Bare in mind this is a test game, judging from the background. It’s likely just placeholder text. I don’t see much reason for them to add a count of every single player in the game as opposed to the place.

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I would like to use this when you release it.
Looks really good.
Good work on everything so far. :grinning: