"Null Layer" on Moon Animator

Hey. When I animate on Moon Animator, I find it hard to make my movements smooth and blend it quite well together. I’ve used easing graphs, but that’s not really the main purpose of the topic here.

Does Moon Animator have “Null layer” like After Effects, where you can chain a part to the null and blend the keyframes together? If not, has anyone achieved this kind of method in a quicker, easier way? I’ve searched around the DevForum and nothing seems to say about it, perhaps maybe it doesn’t exist or it’s rarely concerned about.

In After Effects, it’d be like this.

If it confuses you (if you don’t use After Effects much)
I want to conveniently blend two pairs of keyframes together for one part to achieve and continual, smooth movement without it having to be glitching like back and forth (which is usually the result when you just push the second pair of keyframes back) and which is where chaining/parenting comes into play.

If not, is there any other method to achieve continual, flow animation?

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Sorry for the necro-bump. If Moon Animator does not have null item/layer feature, a workaround would still be appreciated!

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