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  1. What do you want to achieve?
    Hello, Im coop and im trying to make a GUI that displays one of my leaderstats, i successfully did that, but im trying to make the numbers Abbreviated.

For example,

Not Abbreviated: 2,489,902
Abbreviated: 2.48M

  1. What is the issue?
    Ive successfully did that, but it shows as a random number through math.random…
    at first i did that as a test for the number abbreviation, but now i need to convert it into the players leaderstat.

  2. Heres My Current Code
    Local Script:

local AbbreviateNumber = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.AbbreviateNumber)

local Number = math.random(10000, 10000000)

script.Parent.Text = Number

local Text = AbbreviateNumber:Abbreviate(Number)

script.Parent.Text = Text

Module Script:

local AbbreviateNumber = {}

local Abbreviations = {
	K = 4,
	M = 7,
	B = 10,
	T = 13

function AbbreviateNumber:Abbreviate(Number)
	local Text = tostring(math.floor(Number))

	local chosenAbbreviation
	for Abbreviation, digits in pairs(Abbreviations) do
		if #Text >= digits and #Text < (digits + 3) then
			chosenAbbreviation = Abbreviation

	if chosenAbbreviation then
		local digits = Abbreviations[chosenAbbreviation]

		local Rounded = math.floor(Number / 10 ^ (digits - 2)) * 10 ^ (digits - 2)

		Text = string.format("%.2f", Rounded / 10 ^ (digits - 1)) .. chosenAbbreviation
		Text = Number
	return Text

return AbbreviateNumber
  1. What solutions have I tried so far?
    Well 1 thing ive tried is changing
local Number = math.random(10000, 10000000)


local Number = game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerData.Bux.Value

and that sorta worked, but when i got more bux it didnt change on the text. which thats what i need it to do, i need it to update as soon as you get more bux.

is anyone able to help?

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Yep, Simply Get the leaderstats and the value, to change the text when the value is changed simply use a .Changed event, such as

simply check if the property is the value if so then re run your function and set the players cash.