Number input field of new dragger beta sometimes prevents camera scrolling inputs

When using the scroll-wheel to zoom in/out the camera, if you happen to zoom across the number input fields that are part of the new dragger, it will sometimes prevent you from zooming in/out the camera any further. This only occurs however when the text inside the number field is not selected.

Here is a video of me zooming in/out the camera. It so happens that the input field shifts to underneath my mouse cursor, at which point further scrolling actions are being ignored. I have to move my mouse out of the way first.

However, if the text inside the input field has focus, scrolling seems to work as expected.

Expected behavior

I expect all scroll-wheel actions to be ignored by the dragger’s input fields as scrolling currently does not seem to have any use in the input fields to begin with.

This is just an acknowledgment announcement!

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!

How big a problem is this, like, how much do you run into it?

It’s definitely not desirable behavior but there’s no obvious path to fixing this because the Roblox GUI system doesn’t have any existing way to say “This sinks mouse clicks but not scroll wheel events”.

If it’s a big enough problem we could consider some more drastic action like putting the input at a fixed location like the bottom corner of the screen instead but there’s no quick fix.

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Realistically I’ve only run into this issue a couple of times over the course of a few months, so I would say I run into this about once a month. I personally wouldn’t be upset if this bug goes unfixed given how infrequently this appears.

Even though this bug is very minor I still reported it since it’s still a bug in the end and I assumed it wouldn’t take much time to solve. But knowing there’s no quick fix I wouldn’t mind if that time is spent on other improvements.

Okay, in that case I’m closing this as won’t fix, though I’ll keep the potential issue in mind as we do further work on the dragger UX.