Number to table

Its all in the title but what I need is to turn the UserId of a player into a table.(JSONEncode and JSONDecode did not work)

for example:

local userid = {2,5,4,2,6,8,4,7}--output

local myTable = { player.UserId }

If you want a better answer, you’ll need to ask a better question :slight_smile:

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no I need each character of the userid in the table seperatly

local ID = {1,2,3,4}-- fake userId

Wait what? Why do you need each number separate in the table?

not in a serperate table but each character had their own place in the table

Ok. So say you had 4932903 as a user id. The table would be {4, 9, 3, 2, 9, 0, 3}. Ok; but why is necessary?

I believe this is what you want.

    table.insert(uidTable, p.UserId)

I want the script to do that for me

Can you show me the script where you need to use it?

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This is almost definitely an xyproblem. For what purpose do you need this script?

local uid = {}
string.gsub(plr.UserId, ".", function(c)
    table.insert(uid, c)

JSon decode and encode are for converting tables from strings to tables.

if you want a number to a table you can do this:

local currentNumber = 5

local tableOfNumber = {currentNumber}

i want all the characters of the number in a sperate part of the table so I can loop through them

Here is a simple way to do what you’re asking.

local num = 2542647
local userid = tostring(num):split("") -- this is the table

it returns everything to nil…

It works for me:

local id = 2138912983
local tab = {}
for i = 1,string.len(id) do

for _, v in pairs(tab) do

This could work too…
Probably not the best way though

Now it works I just messed up somewhere else in my code! Thank you dude! :smiley:

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Nice, that’s a much more elegant solution. Wish I thought of it though lol

This is absolutely crazy. Why on earth would you need to do this?