Numbers with underscores for readability don't match normal code block numbers


I’m not really sure how to be more concise, but when you have a code block with a number that has underscores for readability, it escapes the number formatting if that makes sense,


The whole number should be blue.

I only noticed it today.

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This doesn’t seem like a bug


0x24 -- valid hexadecimal, highlights correctly

I believe the ability to use an underscore to delimit thousands is exclusive to Luau (someone correct if wrong), and Discourse syntax highlighting is sourced from highlight.js, which doesn’t support Luau.

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Oh yeah you might be right, but I think escaped forms were an issue before though too, weren’t they?



I know escaped forms aren’t native to Luau so maybe it was patched by highlight.js devs.

Not a bug, highlight.js doesn’t support Luau syntax.

Feature request here: Give us better syntax highlighting

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