Numeric Display With Degits?

hello. I am messing with Textlabels.
lets imagine, i got a textlabel
then i got a number
i put that number on the gui and the text is “1”
how would i make it display “001” instead of “1” and “020” instead of “20”?

any help is appreciated!

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You could use this:

local number=20 -- lets think 20 is your number (example)

local function getDigits(no) -- to know how many digits are in the number
   local NewNumber=tostring(no)
   local letters=0

    for i=1, string.len(NewNumber), 1 do
 return letters

local digits=getDigits(number)

if digits==1 then
elseif digits==2 then
elseif digits==3 then

Or we could just use the following:

local sVal = string.format("%.3d", val)  -- val contains 1 or 20 or whatever value you want to convert

would that fr work? how are you that smart?

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thanks for trying to help but @quakage was more simple and space saving!
look inside my other topics, maybe you could solve them?
thanks however! (:

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