Numeroads Updates



  • Modifications to the building fire system to lower the likelihood of fires occurring.
  • Rebuilt the Denton 838
  • Modifications to the jailing system, which changes how jail time is calculated.
    • Minimum jail time is capped at 1 minute
    • Maximum jail time is capped at 15 minutes
  • Jail time is now formatted in minutes and seconds
  • Redesigned the flare and cone systems
  • Firearms now reload after 10 shots
  • New radar gun for the police team
  • Roamer Prince removed from the game
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.8.0 - Dealership Update

  • Kiosks added at every spawn in game (including specific team spawns), where players from the specific team will be able to spawn vehicles. The kiosks will be integrated with the new dealership building. As a result, the dealership menu button will be removed.
  • Vehicles with trailer variants will now be able to be customized at the Body Shop. Any modifications made will now be applied to the trailer variants of that vehicle (in short, Trucks can now receive Body Shop modifications)
  • Updates to the dealership GUI
    • Size of preview images will be increased
  • Addition of an auto despawn feature, whereby vehicles which aren’t parked are automatically despawned after 30 seconds unless the owner of the vehicle hops back into their vehicle within that 30 second window.
  • Unified keyboard controls for vehicles. The controls module will be removed from the vehicle chassis, and the list of controls will instead be built into the Help menu. There will also be a list of gamepad controls as well, which will only be visible if a gamepad is connected.
  • New vehicles, including 3 redesigned vehicles, 1 vehicle being reintroduced after an extended absence, and 3 new police vehicles.
  • New controller keybinds for vehicles. The A-Chassis already has controller keybinds, however the new keybinds will be for things like turn-signals, headlights, horns, ect…
  • Upgraded minimap. The minimap will recieve a major overhaul. Active fires, as well as (maybe) shipping destinations will be displayed on the minimap. The minimap for Numeroads: Orlando will also be completely redrawn.
  • Rescripted tollbooths, where the barrier lowers after a vehicle has completely passed through the tollboth. Vehicles responding to an emergency will also now not be charged any tolls. NumePass only tollbooths will also have the barrier permanently raised and will have the signal flashing yellow.
  • New DOT arrowboard
  • Adding fire hydrants to the game. If a player hits the hydrant, water will start exploding everywhere and either DOT, a Police Officer, or a Firefighter can fix it.
  • As we don’t want to continue the stigma of owning a firearm, we are adding a new, perfectly legal firearms store. And to make it sound even more legit, the shopkeeper is yours truly!
    • The existing kiosk locations located in your local alleyway will still be available. Those aren’t going
  • New rims for the Fire Truck and the School Bus
  • Minor updates to the hub and the intro sequence
  • Color customisation for Semi-Trucks
  • Updating the staff systems. In particular, creating a ‘Moderator Panel’, which is seperate from the Admin Panel, which will separate moderator and admin powers.
  • Some new staff cars (maybe…) (these are a low priority so they may not be added in this update, but may be added in future updates)

Version 2.7.9

  • Temporarily closed to currency store due to a major bug, where after a player purchases Numeroads Credits, the credits the player’s credit balance remains the same.

Version 2.7.8

  • Temporarily removed the 2012 Marriant Corritrice from the game.

Version 2.7.7

  • Added the Maranello G80
  • Added the Peterbilt 790
  • Reinstated paid access to Numeroads: Elkton

Version 2.3.6

  • Fixed the beaconised signs
  • Added the Jidosha 210
  • New staff vehicle
  • Unification of the pay system (this shouldn’t be noticeable in-game).
  • Map work
  • New 2-storey homes (these are only available in Numeroads: Melbourne Airport at the moment).

Version 2.3.5

  • The bug where some players were unable to switch teams has been fixed

Version 2.3.4

  • Bug Fixes
  • Redesigned menu GUI
  • New and improved Police Station on all games except Numeroads: Orlando

Version 2.3.3 - Body Shop Update

  • Added Vehicle Cutsomisation (See below for customisation options)
  • Primary color customisation (Some vehicles such as the taxi, bus, fire trucks, ambulance, and the marked police vehicles will not have color customisation)
  • Secondary color customisation (Will only work on certain vehicles)
  • Number plate customisation. Ability to customise plate state, and add custom plate numbers. When purchasing and spawning vehicles for the first time, the vehicle’s plate state will default to the state that the map is located in (IE: Florida for Numeroads: Orlando, Victoria for Numeroads: Melbourne Airport, ect.)
  • Window Tinting
  • Upgraded dealership UI. This will include new vehicle preview images (utilising ViewportFrames instead of standard images). The dealership UI will be further upgraded in the Dealership Update.
  • Body shops located at some gas stations in the game, and also at citizen spawn points. There will be at least 1 body shop per settlement.
  • Creating a seperate dataStore for the above customisations.
  • New EMS/Firefighter Team
  • Houses can now catch on fire
  • Upgraded Minimap GUI
  • Ambulances and Fire Trucks added to the EMT team
  • Hospitals will now have interiors, and you can heal yourself there. There will be one Hospital/Medical clinic per map
  • New HiLo siren for all emergency vehicles
  • Upgraded speed cameras (to allow for EMT/Firefighters to be exempt from speed limits)
  • Bounty markers, a coloured marker appears on each player, which indicates the amount of bounty they have (0-9 bounty = green, 10-99 bounty = orange, 100+ bounty = red). The colour of the marker updates along with the bounty.
  • Adding gas station functionality, with different gas grades (including diesel for large vehicles), and also superchargers for electric vehicles.
  • Ambience sound effect
  • The Box and Dump trucks will be modified to be more realistic. They will now use the model of the new Ambulance
  • New School Bus

Version 2.3.2 - Delivery Update Phase III

  • Redesigned trucker spawns, which will now be known as freight hubs. Certain maps (such as Numeroads: Melbourne Airport and Numeroads: Jacksonville) will have larger freight hubs than other maps.
  • Freight hubs will have pick up points for cargo. Some cargo types will need to be picked up at another location. Freight hubs will also have pick up locations for mail as well.
  • Freight hubs will not replace Post Offices, as they will remain in the game.
  • Manipulating the A Chassis to allow for the reintegration of Semi Trucks back into Numeroads. There will be a wide assortment of trailers to choose from. These semi trucks will replace the current trucks.
  • The box truck and the dump truck will remain in the game for players who have difficulty in maneuvering the Semi Trucks.
  • The A-100 MS-88 will be rebranded as the Cargopath MS-88 and the A-100 ELV will be renamed to the Baldwin ELV. These trucks will be temporarily free.
  • Redesign the delivery system, to take advantage of Roblox’s ProximityPrompt system. This will alleviate the need for Kiosks (which have been known to have some issues with the different trucks and cargo types). Cargo Delivery Points will also become more noticeable and easier to use. Each delivery location is also now named.
  • The mail trucks will no longer use the kiosk system and will use the ProximityPrompt system, but there will be no additional changes to the pick up system for mail trucks aside from the removal of kiosks. This is because of the difficulty involved in overhauling the mail delivery system.
  • Upgraded and redesigned traffic cameras which display the location of the traffic camera you are viewing.
  • Expansion of Numeroads: Melbourne Airport

Version 2.3.1 - Home Update

  • Upgraded the homes in Numeroads to allow them to be purchased by players.
  • An upgraded minimap interface. The minimap now appears on the bottom left hand corner of the screen and this displays the location of the player on the map. The fullscreen map does not have this feature.

Version 2.3.0 - Police Update

  • Finalisation of the police team features (including arresting)
  • Adding handcuffs and pistols for the police team
  • Tiny expansion of Parramore
  • Merging the police and sheriff teams.
  • Upgraded lightbars for the Police and Highway Worker teams
  • New police vehicles including unmarked police vehicles
  • Upgraded vehicles (such as the Benser Royal (Police Variant)
  • New RV for the Citizen Team
  • Adding rifles (for player who are not on the Police Team) and kiosks to purchase rifles (this feature will require a gamepass)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Speeding camera upgrades
  • Phasing out the Sheriff Pass
  • VMS Improvements
  • Fixing the in game shop
  • Finalisation of Admin Features (including kicking and banning players)
  • Pre-Alpha release of Numeroads: Terra Ceia
  • Official Release of Numeroads: Orlando
  • Adding the Free Tolls Pass (Numepass)
  • Tollbooth improvements
  • Finalising the Vehicle Manager to allow vehicles to be despawned from the Vehicle manager
  • Car purchase saving
  • Finish replacing plates on vehicles
  • Finish replacing the gauges on certain vehicles
  • Final bug fixes
  • Game system overhauls
  • New Mk2 Bus for all games (except Numeroads: Melbourne Airport which has Bus liveries), replacing the existing Mk1 CityBus

Version 2.2.9

  • Redesigned the Numeroads Hub
  • Updated Jacksonville with the new systems
  • Updated Melbourne Airport with the new systems and fixed the destination boards for the buses
  • Melbourne Airport map work

Version 2.2.8 - Delivery Update Phase II

  • New Trucking System
  • New Cargo Types
  • New and Upgraded Delivery Team Vehicles
  • Fixed the gamepasses
  • New DataStore System

Version 2.2.7

  • Map Work

Version 2.2.6 - Delivery Update Phase I (Mail Update)

  • 2 new Mail Trucks
  • New Mail delivery feature

Version 2.2.5 - Thornton Park Rebuild

  • Rebuilt map area
  • New Speed Cameras

Version 2.2.4

  • Map Work

Version 2.2.3

  • Map Work

Version 8.2.2 - Parramore Map Expansion Phase II

  • New map area, map work, lighting improvements

Version 2.2.1

  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.2.0 - Trucking Update

  • New Trucking System, 3 new Trucks, Upgraded License Plates, Map Work, Bug Fixes

Version 2.1.9

  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.1.8 - Hub Update

  • Moved all maps to one game
  • Decomissioned game passes from old slot and replaced them
    with new ones.
  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.1.7

  • New Lighting, 1 Upgraded Vehicle
  • Map work

Version 2.1.6

  • 2 new Vehicles
  • 1 Upgraded Vehicle
  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.1.5

  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.1.4 - Dealership overhaul

  • New dealership
  • 2 revamped team spawns
  • Map work
  • Renamed cars
  • Merch shop
  • Police and DOT Uniforms
  • Sheriff and Police Flares *
  • Laptops for Police, Sheriff and DOT

Version 2.1.3

  • Bug Fixes
  • 2 new cars
  • Map work, Orlando opened for Public BETA

Version 2.1.2

  • 2 new cars

Version 2.1.1 - Southern Orlando Map Expansion (Delaney Park Expansion)

  • Brand new map area
  • Map work
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