NWEmitter a new Visual Effects plugin!


By selecting a Beam, Trail, or ParticleEmitter, you’ll be able to access the plugin features. Each class has its own functionality.

You can access the Color Feature by pressing the <[C]> key once you have a Beam, Trail, or ParticleEmitter selected.

You can access the MeshFlipbook Feature by pressing the <[M]> key once you have a part selected.
You can hide the Plugin UI by pressing <[H]>.

Emit Showcase, Trail Showcase. More feature coming soon!

Color Tab:

ColorFade how does it works?
[LINK]: https://gyazo.com/1547b4d4d5dc5ffc94d933d2176330f2
It takes the default color of your Particle, Trail, or Beam and saturates its color based on the default color.
This feature gives you the possibility of adding color variations to your particles.

Meanwhile, RainbowFade, as the name suggests, gives you a rainbow color based on saturation.

SetColor Target:
[LINK]: https://gyazo.com/00289a827ae1f00692cf9b48193a10fd
By selecting a target, the plugin will copy its color and apply it to the other selected objects.

A little simple way to explain this is:
[1]: Target color copied, [others] paste target color
This works with ParticleEmitters, Beams as well.

Convert Tab:
[LINK]: https://gyazo.com/5679fbeb5c2dd1fe65a2e5b6533d9394
As you guys can see the second trail gets a different lifetime based on the target lifetime.
Useful to create variations or relative particles to another.
This works with ParticleEmitters (TimeScale) as well.

Mesh Tab:
[LINK]: https://gyazo.com/4bde4263754f12190fcf12b1cb5d81f9
[NOTE: I used random meshIds in this example]
This is a fast way to create a meshFlipbook without spending time on coding or testing how the flipbook actually looks. This feature generates a ModuleScript in your ReplicatedStorage, which enables the meshFlipbook to work in the game.

A lot more!

Plugin: NWEmitter - Roblox


I have no idea how to use the flipbook at all, but I still think that this looks really well made and cool, bought it and looking forward to future updates!

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