Nyonic's Circular Color Palette ~ BrickColor, Color3, RGB, HSV, Hex, Brightness



Circular Color Palette I created for Club Nyonic and my other games awhile back.

The palette tool allows full color selection on roblox for your creations. Simply use by clicking/dragging on the palette to update the RGB, HSV, Hex values. In addition, each of these values can be adjusted manually for a more precise color selection.

Selected colors can be used to set Color3 or BrickColors. Which can then be used to Color, Baseparts, Gui Elements, Particles, Terrian Materials, Lights, Decals, Sparkles, Trails, or anything that uses color3/brickcolors.


  1. Place “Nyonic’sColorPalette” in the StartGui folder

  2. Run the Game and

  3. Now try clicking/dragging on the color selector, adjusting the brightness bar, or changing the RGB/HSV/Hex values to select your desired color.

    *The new color will be set to the NewColor.Value under “Nyonic’sColorPalette”

    *The NewColor.Value can then be used to set other objects to that color3.

It will set a basepart to the new color if the BrickToColor.Value is set under the ScreenGui. If BrickToColor.Value is not set, this will default to the Baseplate in workspace. At the top of the ColorPaletteGui Script, you can change the variable(BasePartToSet) to another basepart/object you would like colored.