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About Me

Hello, I’m madcIips 17 years of age. I’ve been in roblox since 2014. i have an overall 3 years of studio experience though, i stopped for a year or two, and it’s been 6 months since i rejoined roblox and this forum, I specialize mostly on low poly builds and semi modern architecture i am also currently focusing on another genre which is horror to add to my experties.

I also like working alongside a mature audience, i can accept jokes, but when we have to work and get the job done we should work.



Modern Realistic
Abandoned Manor

Traditional Japanese Themed Homestore

Island Cafe | SOLD TO @twerpSami |

Vibe game | DINER |

Modern Aesthetic
Full Homestore

Full Homestore

Small Cafe

I am aware that my samples are sort of lacking/has bad positioning on pictures, i will update this in due time.


I am available everyday for 3-5 Hours, i usually have zoom meetings, even so, before my zoom meeting i input 3-5 hours first unto my work so there’d be a balance share of my time.

I’m currently hired to work on a lowpoly “adopt me” inspired game, but, i have extra time to do one-time jobs/short terms

As for “Teamcreate” events, same amount of time will be applied.


Payment Methods that i accept





Actual price WILL depend on the details you want me to apply unto your request.
and once i’m done we will negotiate depending on what’s fair for both of us AND on these terms

  • Time taken to finish

  • Customer satisfactory

  • Customer service

  • Kept updated/not

KNOWING these terms price MAY increase/decrease depending on them.

Preferably, i do one time payouts rather than long term jobs, but that can be discussed privately.

If you are going to offer me a percentage for a payment method, please provide a backup payment or assurance that the game will profit

REQUIRED : I do require atleast 5-10% of the full payment we’ve discussed upfront, this is for assurance of no cancellation during/before/after our agreement.





Looking forward on doing business with you in the future!


Absolutely amazing work. He made me an amazing homestore very fast and for a good price. He always kept me updated and made sure I liked it. He was very nice throughout the whole process and always replied quickly. I highly recommend him for all your building needs, he will not disappoint you!

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As @Disqrete said the work is amazing. However in your Completed work section, you show your email address. It really isn’t safe to show any email address on a public forum. Might want to take that picture down just in case or bleep out the email. Also, some people don’t want their discord names shown so you should either ask them if it is Okay, or blur out the name and any other information that could result in a privacy break.

Here is a good, free, and easy tool you can blur it with if needed:

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That is his email

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well still it isn’t safe to put any email public on the DevForum.

I’ll keep that in mind thank you for your concern!

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I added some more to my concern.

bump, accepting comms hmu hmu

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Totally suggest madclips, very friendly and easy to work with. Does good work and gets it exactly how you want it, trust-able too. :slight_smile:


Hey! I was going to add you on discord but the username doesn’t seem to work. Add me up simba is my baby#4164.

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added you, looking forward on your reply.

Amazing builder, great response time, very trustworthy. I bought a cafe off this portfolio at an amazing price. Lovely person, I strongly recommend you drop them a DM if you are ever in need of a builder.

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I highly recommend do not accept giftcards as payment because you can be scammed and account deleted . Person who give you giftcard can go to support and write that you’ve “stolen” his giftcard . That’s how my friend was earlier deleted . That’s not so often but anyways be careful with payment .

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oh, not aware of that thankyou for the info, but all of my transactions within the giftcard method are all succesful, but i might aswell remove it as a method, thanks again

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