~ Oasis Mexico Feedback ~

Hello! I am building and designing a theme park for Roblox! Any tips for this entrance I could add. It’s still a work in process.

Any tips would be helpful!

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I really like the way it looks. The only things I don’t like is the water, make the blue darker, you should work a bit on the lighting too, it’s too yellow

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You’ll have a LONG way to go. Be careful, right now you might not be ready yet, a theme park is massive.
For now try to make the flags better than a cardboard please

I’ve started to make several theme parks before and what do you mean ‘make the flags better than a cardboard please’?

Thanks. I’ve made it more blue than cyan and less yellow.

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Are flags totally straight as a cardboard?
I don’t mean to offend you at all, the creation is pretty cool, but I could simply build a better one… inside Bloxburg.
It’s just not good enough for a 2022 game. Maybe in 2012.

  • Trees look like plastic.
  • Tower is rather blocky.
  • Entrance gate bridge, buildings, and fences all share the same texture. (This is a problem because the fence is literally made out of stone bricks, which doesn’t make sense. Also, too much of the same texture everywhere looks bad.)
  • Sign looks like a flat decal.
  • Block terrain background and mesh rocks around the tower make the styling inconsistent.

The style constantly changes between each model, which makes this look like a big pile of freemodels. I’d suggest picking a style and sticking with it.

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