Oasis Resort ® - Professional Promotion Guide

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Oasis Resort ® - Professional Promotion Guide
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Oasis Resort hires and trains many Professionals, however, we can only promote a certain amount due to our rank restrictions. Therefore, we have created a guide which will notify Professionals on how to stand out from everyone, and possibly receive a promotion.

Basic Information

In order to become a Staff Assistant, you must obtain the role, Professional or have your Management Team application be accepted. In order to become a Professional, you must gain 100 points at the resort, then re-train to the opposite rank so you know how to do each job correctly.

Once you obtain the role, Professional, you must remain active, have an outstanding work ethic, be mature, use adequate grammar. You must also show members of the Leadership Team how well you can show perseverance, communicate with others, and manage intense shifts at the resort. Remember, working multiple days in a row will always show us what you are capable of, rather than excessive/unhealthy hours at the resort. We are looking for consistency too! You must also be a member of our communications server, as we need to contact you.


Hinting is when you say things that may refer to you being promoted to a member of the Management Team (i.e - “I wish I could become a Staff Assistant” or “I would like to be promoted!”.) Depending on the severity of hinting, your chances will decrease in becoming a Staff Assistant.

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