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Oasis Resort ® - Training Information
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The Oasis Resort Activity Guide is a valuable resource for Management Team members to follow. It contains information regarding the basic layout of how training sessions typically go and some general information about what you need to do as a trainer during training sessions.

- Assigning Roles -

Host [1] - The Host is whatever Manager+ has claimed the session on the Trello.

Co-Host [1] - The Co-Host is assigned by whoever claimed the Co-Host spot on the Trello. Supervisor+. Their job is to display the rules of the session, slock-shout, and group everyone.

Promoter [1] - A Promoter is required for a session that is hosted by a Manager+, the role of a promoter is to rank the passers at the end of the session. This is reserved for any member of the Leadership Team or above.

Trainer [8] - There are a total of 4 groups, ranging from A-D, which means there will need to be 8 Trainers. First come, first serve. Staff Assistants will be able to become a Trainer after they spectate 2 sessions.

Shadow [8] - First come, first serve. 2 for each Trainer. There should not be 2 Assistants for each Trainer if it isn’t needed. Staff Assistants will need to spectate 2 sessions, and then they will be able to Shadow.

Spectator [Unlimited] - This spot is reserved for new Staff Assistants, and members of the Leadership Team and above who would like to watch.

- Roblox / Discord Shouts -

[Host]: Staff Training | A training session is being hosted by [username] extremely soon! Come down to the Training Center for a chance to be promoted!

[Co-Host]: Staff Training | The training session has begun and the server has been locked. Apologies if you couldn’t make it. Make sure to be at training early next time!

[Host]: Staff Training | The training session has officially concluded! Congratulations to everyone who has passed. Why not celebrate their success at the resort?

If you’re shouting on Discord, make sure to @ Session Pings.

- Training Procedure -


As a Trainer, Shadow or Supervisor, you are required to join the Training Center at exactly XX:40.
As the Host, Co-Host or Promoter, you are required to join the Training Center at exactly XX:30.

Once members of the Management Team begin to join, the Co-Host may begin assigning roles to the first people who joined. Anyone who joins early will need to be notified and must rejoin.

In order to assign roles, the Co-Host will go through the (“joinlogs”), and send a personal message to those who are eligible to receive a role. An example of this message would be:

Greetings! Glancing at joinlogs, you are subsequent in line to obtain a role for this session! What role would you like? (A-D Trainer, A-D Shadow, Spectator)

The Co-Host would then assign that member of the Management Team their role using the (“group”) command. An example of this command would be:

group Purasia A Trainer

If you’re a Shadow, you will stand behind the Trainer you’re assisting.

During the rest of the time, all the way up until XX:00, you can prepare your notes and answer any questions or concerns the Trainees may have.

Session Beginning

Once the time hits XX:00, the Host will do the command (“lock”), and the server will be restricted to Staff Assistants+. The Co-Host must do the (“Slock-Shout”) Once the session begins, the Host and Co-Host will introduce themselves, and go through the necessary rules and information for the training session to function properly. In order to display the rules, the Co-Host would use the command (“inform”), this will automatically display the rules and information to everyone in the server. At that moment, the Co-Host may begin grouping the Trainees, utilizing the same format as before. During the rules process, there will be a countdown for any Trainees to ask questions. The Trainers & Shadows may answer them.


After all of the important information has been explained and the rules have been read out, the Host will send a personal message informing all admins to go to their stations. Soon after that, the Host will notify everyone in the server that the session has commenced. At that moment, each Trainer will use the (“bring”) command to bring the members of their group to the correct station. The Host & Co-Host will stay behind, checking that everyone has been assigned properly.

Once the Host verifies that everyone is where they need to be, and everything is going smoothly, they should send a personal message to all admins, asking them what role they are in the session and logging it on our Trello board. An example of this message would be:

Salutations Admins! I’d like to thank you all for attending this training session. Please reply to this message with what role you are. (“T” for Trainer, “S” for Shadow, “P” for Promoter, and “SP” for Spectator)


Once the Trainers & Shadows have brought all their Trainees, they should introduce themselves. Then, you should briefly explain the role of their rank, and move onto the first section.

The first section will always be service; if they’re training for the (“Receptionist”) rank, you will examine them on how well they can check-in a room for you. For Receptionists, you will ask them to check you in, and then ask them to check you out in another scenario. If they’re training for the (“Barista”) rank, you will examine them on how well they can serve drinks to you. For Baristas, you will submit 2 orders for them, each increasingly harder than the next. The Trainer must do the first order, and then the Shadow must do the second order. This stage will be worth 2 points, one for each order/check-in. In order to give a point to someone, use the command (“add”). An example of this command would be:

add Purasia 2

Soon after, you will move onto the second section, trivia. This section is the same for both ranks, but the questions need to be about the rank they’re training for (i.e - Receptionist or Barista). You are required to ask 2 questions about the group/game. The questions will need to be sent to the Trainees with a PM. This stage will be worth 2 points, one for each question. The shadow will not be involved in this stage.

Lastly, you will move onto the final section of this training session, scenarios. In this section, you will be required to test the Trainees on how to deal with trollers & exploiters at the resort. You should explain to your group what the troll simulation is and that they are to stop responding once they feel they’ve properly handled the troll. You will then begin to act like a troll and responding to your group in the ways a typical troll would. Please note that your trolling scenarios need to be realistic to ones that real trolls perform at the resort (i.e - not ordering from the menu, spamming, etc.) You will need to explain to them that this is a simulation, so there is no need to actually call an admin, instead, they should utilize something like -calls admin-, and step back instead. The Trainer will do the trolling test, and the Shadow will do the exploiting test.


After your Trainees have completed the training session, you will tell them who failed and who passed. Make sure you use the correct commands and tell them the reasoning for failing so they can improve next time. If a Trainee passes, you will utilize the (“pass”) command. This will display a pass tag above their head so a promoter can verify that they passed correctly, and log them on our Discord server. If your Trainee happens to fail, you would utilize the (“fail”) command. This will display a fail tag above their head and kick them after 10 seconds with an automated message. Once you have notified your Trainees about their successes, you will need to send a personal message to the promoter in the session for ranking. Once they’re ranked, you may dismiss them.

You must stay until you are dismissed by the Host, even if your group has finished. The Host may decide to take a picture at the end or give the admins advice on how to make the session go even better next time. Grammar isn’t required when there are no LRs around before/after training, but you should always remain mature when at the Training Center; e.g no abusing admin commands. Once the Host dismisses everyone, they will be required to do an End Shout.