[OBBY] Disappearing Stairway

Created a simple Disappearing Stairway Obby game!


Would like feedback on it as it’s generally for the younger audience

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This is my direct opinion, do not take offense please.

This looks like a free model copied and pasted over and over again. Maybe put more effort into it and create a more unique game. Seems kind of clickbait-y like the “1000 Stairs for admin” type games.

I wouldn’t play this neither would most others.

I wouldn’t allow people to use gears either, most are broken and pointless. And if I had a gear that allowed me to fly, the game would be pointless which it kinda is.

Try coming up with an original obby idea and put a lot of time into it.


Buddy, ya gotta add some variety. Tbh with you, nobody would want to play this, and I can guarantee that you just copy-pasted the disappearing staircase model. Free models can have viruses, and if you use them, it’s good to credit them. At least make the staircase yourself if the whole game is based on it.
Edit: I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, but take this seriously


Like the 3 other repliers said, it’s just a free model copy and pasted until the top. I would recommend searching up how to make a disappearing staircase first.

  1. The free model might have a virus in it.
  2. You didn’t make the staircase.
    And 3. Please please please! Try harder next time.

This is just one of those clickbaity games. Try making all the models instead of using just free models. Also at least put some rests that is like 2 mins of waking up those stairs and don’t allow gears. Some people may have a gear that can make you fly or have a sword which ruins the game. Also a teleport request right when I joined, so the free model probably has a virus.