Obby end free model

Hello I created a obby and in toolbox I searched obby end and it is something like this:


But this is not wokring because it is old,
Does someone knows any free model for end of the obby that works,
If someone knows I would appreciate their help!

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If the scripts are old, you can simply modify their system and how it will work in-game once players interact with them!

Although in case you do not know how to code, an alternative method would be searching at the Creator Marketplace (well known as “Toolbox”) for other models, just like what you stated in the topic.


I think the reason why he’s asking this is that he doesn’t want to do it himself.

I’m guessing you’re not interested in scripting things yourself, so instead, you could make up your own obby ending by searching for things in toolbox that you’d like the ending to contain, and then just place them around nicely after making sure they all work properly.

Be careful with obby related free models, lots of them contain malicious code, or are just broken.


I don’t know how to script… And I fixed it, it is working, the only problem was that character have to be in R6 to end work.

Probably because scripts in here use FindFirstChild(“Torso”). But R15 doesn’t have a Torso. Only UpperTorso and LowerTorso.

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