Obby For Admin | Game Rules

Rules for Obby For Admin

The rules that are going to be listed apply to every player including the moderators and developers.

1. Admin Abusing

  • Every player that completes the obstacle gets special access to HD Admin commands. But that doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want. Spamming commands will get you banned from using admin. However, you can still play the obstacle.

2. Bypassed Music

  • The most popular command included in admin games is the “;music {id}” command. But inappropriate audios do still exist. Playing bypassed/inappropriate audio will lead to a 4 month ban.

3. Advertisement

  • If you would like to advertise anything on Roblox. Please advertise it in the # advertisement channel on the official server.

4. Cheating/Exploiting

  • We have zero tolerance for cheating or exploiting in the game. If you have found a glitch, please contact a moderator in the official server.

Obby For Admin

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