Obby game that im working on

Hello! I have been working on this Obby game and was wondering if you guys could check it out and give me some feedback. Other than bugs and general feedback I would especially like to know what ideas you might have for more stages and to improve the game’s overall quality. (Do note that this is far from finished)

  1. The title and desc make it look like a cashgrab

  2. no audio or visual confirmation when you activated a spawnpad, you just have to guess if it worked

  3. floating spawnpads, if the game is unfinished, leave impossible to get to spawnpads out of the game, to not encourage players to sit hours wasting time doing something impossible.

and the most important out of all

  • Most generic game ever…
    why would people play your game, if they can find 999999999999 other super easy obbies.
    if you are going to recreate or make a game that has already been made before, then make it better than the original or give it a twist, you could take the normal obby formula but say…
    obby but… you get attacked by npcs every minute!. otherwise players are going to get bored and not even try your game, because it has been done multiple times before…
    great examples of obbies which give the generic gameplay a twist are:

  • Obby but you’re a ball - Roblox

  • Obby But You Can’t Jump - Roblox

  • :ice_cube: Obby But You’re A CUBE - Roblox

so do something like this…
you can play these and more, to get an idea of what modern developers have to do to actually gain a playerbase.

if i insulted you in any way in this message, it really wasn’t meant. this was more a message for constructive criticism but i understand if you feel insulted, and i am sorry if that is the case.

hope this helps!