Obby I created in one day

I created a whole obby in one day. Feedback is welcome.


Good obby! Nothing too original but the detail was good for being made in 1 day.

Couple bugs:
There should be an NPC here or a some sort of hint/warning that says when these things are about to go off.

I got a bit stuck teleporting from stage 18 to 19.

The mountain range here should be connected so you cant see the void.

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i know a few extra bugs (and a bit of feedback)

  • if you get to the end and buy the skip stage product, you go to the next stage aka the sky lol
  • the water changes a lot and quickly, i dont really know if that matters or not but im pretty sure it could give some people seizures
  • the pipes at stage 8 shoot out a lot of water and it makes it a little hard to get past
  • when you rejoin you lose your data
    also, all of the lava at stage 6 is sticking out a little bit

Cool obby, considering it was made in a day. Although cliched, I like the cartoony style of the game.