Obby King Remastered Full Changelog v1.0.9

Obby King Remastered Full Changelog:

Full Changelog

13th January 2019 V1.0.0
Fresh Update Part 1:

  • New lobby made by BIack_Smith
  • Five new maps; Sky Sanctuary, Brick Obstacle, Astral Village, Undersea Hijinx and Laboratory Heist
  • Improved Gameplay
  • Singleplayer with 20 maps

17th January 2019 V1.0.1

  • Mobile buttons position is fixed
  • Sakura Blossom is removed for repairs
  • Laboratory Heist’s spawn is fixed
  • Practice Obby is fixed
  • Astral Village’s lighting is fixed

20th January 2019 V1.0.2

  • Mobile UI is improved
  • Sakura Blossom is back
  • Coins shop is changed
  • Obby King has now supported four languages; English, Spanish, French and German
  • Trade is fixed
  • Hazardous Forest is removed for repairs

11th February 2019 V1.03
(Fresh Update Part 2) - VALENTINE UPDATE

  • Sky Sanctuary and Sakura Blossom is fixed
  • 130+ new hats are added
  • Trade is improved
  • Redemption Rounds is back
  • Anti-exploit is fixed
  • Preload system is improved 100% faster
  • “Original Pack”: 6 original maps is now released! - More original maps coming soon!
  • Black Swamp, Blue Ocean, Construction Yard, Rainbow Obby, Dark Obby, Neon Obby, Ice Obby, Granite Obby, Plastic Obby, Fabric Obby and Extreme Cliffside is added back!
  • All R$ sales are now 10% off until 17th February!
  • New twitter code!

22nd February 2019 V1.0.4

  • Anti-exploit is improved
  • Slowness gameplay is fixed
  • All R$ sales are now finished
  • Construction Yard, Rainbow Obby, Dark Obby, Neon Obby, Ice Obby, Granite Obby, Plastic Obby, Fabric Obby and Extreme Cliffside is removed
  • Raging Sands Obby and Sakura Blossom shortcuts is fixed
  • A Weeping Willow, Everest, Rural Crossroads, Ghostly Graveyard, Dominos Ruins, Cocoa Summits, Golden Valley, Modern Factory, Summertime Sunrise (final map) and Waterfall Heights is added!

27th April 2019 V1.0.5

  • Rare issues with super epic crate purchases have been resolved
  • You can now clear your equips under options in the wardrobe and select the button to unequip your entire wardrobe from your character (this is a temporary fix for players who have the equips loading issues). You might have to rejoin once this is done to fix your issue
  • A new mission has been added

27th August 2019 V1.0.6 - AREA 51 UPDATE

  • Shift lock for Mobile is added!
  • Ladder boost! (Player just climbs instantly when they hold spacebar on the regular ladder)
  • You can now disable/enable the shadows to reduce lag!
  • Lemon Lake is fixed
  • Three Area 51 maps and badges

2nd September 2019 V1.0.7 - ECONOMY UPDATE

  • Improved Shift lock
  • Bugs fixes
  • Minor Singleplayer update
  • All items values are now rebalanced
  • All Super Epic items no longer sell for coins
  • More new items are added
  • You now temporarily can’t perform dances in the maps (Dance glitch is now patched)

8 September 2019 V1.0.8

  • Improved soft shutdown including 2000 coins reward to the players
  • Shift lock for Xbox
  • More shortcuts are patched

19th September 2019 V1.0.9

  • New Backpack UI
  • Area 51 maps’ chances increased!
  • More shortcuts are patched

20th October 2019 V1.1.0 - HALLOWEEN EVENT

  • New Halloween maps for Halloween Event!
  • New Practice Obby!
  • Backpack updated!
  • More shortcuts are patched
  • More bugs are fixed

Recent Updates:

  • Fresh Update Part 1: V1.0.0

  • V1.0.1 Released: 17th January 2019

  • V1.0.2 Released: 20th January 2019

  • Fresh Update Part 2: V1.0:3 - VALENTINE UPDATE
    Released: 11th February 2019

  • V1.0.4 Released: 22nd February 2019

  • V1.0.5 Released: 27th April 2019

  • V1.0.6 Released: 27th August 2019 - AREA 51 UPDATE

  • V1.0.7 Released: 2nd September 2019 - ECONOMY UPDATE

  • V1.0.8 Released: 8th September 2019

  • V1.0.9 Released: 19th September 2019

  • V1.1.0 Released: 20th October 2019 - HALLOWEEN UPDATE

Next Update: ?

Game Link: Obby King Remastered - Roblox

Social Media:

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