Obby Kit - Using Collection Service to Apply Properties to Objects for Modularity

Obbies are probably the most popular and, arguably, the most oversaturated game genre in Roblox. Surprisingly, there aren’t any comprehensive obby kits.

I’ve made this obby kit that’s filled with different kinds of obstacles you might need to create your own obby.

You’ll need Sweetheartichoke’s tag editor plugin

The goal of this kit is to have a completely modular approach towards obbies. Let’s say you want a swinging axe in your obby. All you need to do is give it the “Lava” tag so it kills you after a .Touched event and a “Swing” tag so it appears to swing using the TweenService.

The kit will also add properties for you if you haven’t. For example, the “Conveyor” tag will add a texture to the top of the part and give it a velocity of 10 (studs per second). If you want it to move at a different speed, you can add a “Speed” attribute of type “number” to the part.

The “Moving” tag will create a prismatic constraint and move a part between two points. These points are represented as a part named “Start” and another part named “Finish.” These parts should be children of the moving part.

Below are the objects with their tag:

  • Stages
  • Lava - “Lava”
  • Swinging axes - “Swing”
  • Conveyor belts - “Conveyor”
  • Moving platforms with physics - “Moving”

There are example objects in the “objects” folder

I’ve made a game to test out the objects:

I’ll continue making more objects. Let me know what you think should be added to this kit. Would also appreciate contributions :smiley:.