Obby Worlds - Update Log!

Update Log

The Inventory Update and Lobby Overhaul Update (v1.9.9.5 - v1.

+Added: Inventory and Hotbar (Check Controls on how to open it on your device)
+Added: 3 Backgrounds when you join (can be used to as a sorta Profile background when players check your stats and can be seen in your inventory
+Added: 2 Tools when you join (can be used as a toy or a useful tool in an Obby!)
+Added: 6 new songs by rocketpiston Currently 21/22 Musics replaced!
+Added: Viewable Player Statistics when you click on another player (PC only for now)
+Added: Lots of Sound Effects throughout the game mainly in the Game Menu and Screen UI and Tutorial more SFX coming soon!
*Multiple Bugfixes!

+Revamped: Player Stats UI and added button on left side of screen that opens player stat list (Compatible on all devices)
+Added: Final music has been replaced since the Audio privacy update and the Popup Audio notification message has been removed
*Minor changes

+Added: New lobby decorations and overhauled the Lobby
*Changed: when completing an Obby you teleport back to the Obby area instead of spawn
+Added: KingDestroyers Volcano lair
*Bug fixed: Player not showing in Inventory

The Tutorial Part 2 Update (v1.9.9.4)

*Fixed Issue with Promocodes
+Added: xxx_gameroff2 Statue to Hall of Youtubers
+Added: 2nd half of Tutorial (Whole Tutorial is now complete)
+Added: New badge (It’s Big Brain Time) Earned from completing Tutorial
+Added: New Obby Music to The Heavens Sky Obby (Music by: rocketpiston)
-Removed: Short Tutorial at the Info Desk NPC
*Improved: Entire Tutorial slightly
*Improved: EXP bar UI
*Several small Changes and Fixes

The Tutorial Part 1 and UIs Update (v1.9.9.3)

+Added: Part 1 of Game Tutorial (Part 2 will be out next update)
+Added: UI improvements
*BugFix: players able to abuse the promocode system for repeated rewards when they rejoin server
*Minor BugFixes

The Lobby Improvement Update (v1.9.9.2)

*Changed: Reset Button is now disabled due to bugs (Recommend using Teleport feature in options instead)
*Bug Fixed: When Resetting Players POV Camera Breaks
*Changed: Lobby Ocean no longer damages player and player can walk through it
*Changed: Lava in Lobby no longer kills player and teleports player back to certain point where they came from
*Changed: Falling into the void now teleports you back to the Lobby
*Changed: Lobby Ocean now rises and falls and has new ocean texture
*Minor Changes and fixes

The Menu Update II (v1.9.9.1)

*Changed: Game Menu by moving stuff down so its not hidden behind the chat
+Added: jaxson_sniper58 Statue in hall of Devs (Built 50% of game lobby)
+Added: Expansion to hall of Devs for more room
+Added: Promocode Redeemed Indicator so player know what reward they redeemed

The Menu Update (v1.9.9)

+Added: 2 new Musics by rocketpiston
+Added: Controls UI in Menu (Inventory coming soon)
+Added: Menu camera Orbiting around the Lobby
+Added: Promocodes
+Added: Feedback box which will help us add what players want or change
*Minor changes

Obby Worlds Improvement Updates 1-6 (v1.8.9.1 - v1.8.9.6)
  1. Changed Click Me! Button to options button
  2. Tweened UI elements
  3. Revamped Rainbow Road Map
  4. Increased EXP earnings
  5. Added more height and Decoration to the Lobby
  6. Made Portals Custom(Ex: Miners Dream Portal will have a stone frame and a dark blue glowing portal)
  7. Add Good stuff to Game Shop like: Boosts, Titles, Pets etc… - Coming Soon
  8. Fix Gear Datastore Bug causing gear to sometimes not save - Coming Soon
  9. Fix VIP door not working
  10. Change Dev Product 10 coin for 1 robux to 20 coin for 2 robux
  11. Add Image to all Dev Product purchases
  12. Re-Add mute button
  13. Improved UI
  14. Added new sky
  15. Added Update Log on Dev forum and link it to game for update history
  16. Added Day/Night cycle
  17. Improved Ambience and added fib 3
  18. De-Saturated and Improved some Obbys
  19. Added Settings in option (Mute button is in settings)
  20. Added rocketpiston Statue (Music Composer)
  21. Added New Music made by rocketpiston and some music by Roblox
  22. And More!!!

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