Obfuscation, what is it?

The topic says it all. What is obfuscation and why and how to use it?

I currently tried this and supposed to print humanoid but didnt work.


What’s the further context of the script, Any PlayerAdded stuff etc?

Nah I am just trying to print humanoid with hex code and I thought it is going to translate to humanoid, or is my understanding wrong?

Obfuscation means to make a code snippet really hard to understand and read. Kind of like how OOP is for most people, it turns something that can be done easily into something done hardly but more optimized. However, this obfuscation does not make something optimized and is done, usually for malware.

You can use this github page to obfuscate some code; Obfuscating Lua · GitHub

LuaU does not have a built-in hex encoder/decoder so you have to make your own.

Obfuscation, in technical terms, just sets the abstractions really low, where everything is closer to machine operations. This reflects the same semantics as in the concept of abstract and concrete.

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