Obj Export: Automatic Rigging

When you export a character model on roblox, or anything with joints in that matter, they should automatically be rigged with vertex groups and weight paints based on what the joint connections are.

That way, we can actually animate our models as if they were still in roblox. It would make things a lot easier overall when it comes to animating.

(If you don’t know what those are, its basically the animation rigging method of Blender which is what I use. Its basically an infrared paint tool which tells blender how the mesh is associated with each bone in the model.)

So far, I’ve had to do rigging on my own for joints that are basically the same as the ones roblox uses, and it takes a bit of time.

Sooooooo is this a possibility? Haha.

Heres an example of something I’ve made using a rigged version of my character. (Source Filmmaker woohoo)


Obj format has no provisions for skinning.

Well, I might just write an application which converts an rbxmx file into a smd file using meshes from the website. Not sure if I’ll pull it off, but we’ll see I guess.

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Why not allow exporting as a .FBX then?

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Why not allow exporting as a .FBX then?[/quote]
I have no objections!

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Why not allow exporting as a .FBX then?[/quote]
I have no objections![/quote]

Would you run into licensing issues?